The National Strategy (NS) of Chile is an ambitious agenda of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) aimed at promoting the implementation and advancement of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM Americas) in Chile, and is dedicated to driving progress in local climate action. Its main lines of action are related to technical assistance, project structuring, financing, training, advocacy, and visibility.

The activities of the NS are aligned with the work of the Delegation of the European Union in Chile and other members of the National Advisory Committee. Its implementation is led by the National Coordinator of the GCoM in Chile: the Chilean Association of Municipalities (AChM). In Chile, there are six cities that receive direct support and technical assistance from the GCoM through the National Strategy: Ancud, El Quisco, Punta Arenas, San Antonio, Valdivia, and Vallenar.



* Data from April 2024



Strengthening decision-making and the implementation of climate policies at the local and regional levels.


Promote and expand successful climate initiatives to maximize their reach and effect.


Constantly train and update key stakeholders in climate practices and knowledge.


Develop and execute effective strategic plans to mitigate and adapt to climate change.


  • Ancud
  • El Quisco
  • Punta Arenas
  • San Antonio
  • Valdivia
  • Vallenar


Since Chile’s commitment to the GCoM until 2023, 25 cities have received a total of 66 badges for their progress in the climate field. Among them, 18 are in mitigation, 34 in adaptation, 10 in energy, and 4 are in total compliance with the GCoM. These 4 cities with compliance badges stand out for their efforts, commitment, and climate ambition: Independencia, Peñalolén, Providencia, and Santiago (more information about the badges here).

Additionally, Peñalolén and Independencia represent Chile in the Forum of Mayors of Latin America of the GCoM.

On the other hand, Santiago, Independencia, and Peñalolén were selected as part of the 15 Flagship Cities of Latin America in 2023, recognized by the GCoM for their prominent role in the climate movement at the subnational level.


Dissemination of Best Practices in Chile

The development of visibility materials for best practices in Chile aims primarily to disseminate the experiences of municipalities that demonstrate outstanding leadership and significant progress in climate action within the GCoM. This initiative also seeks to promote fieldwork with the municipalities that have received badges for adaptation and mitigation.

In this context, 5 media kits are being developed, one for each selected municipality, which will be published once all necessary elements are finalized.

Online Workshops on Best Practices with GCoM Municipalities

The online workshops on best practices with municipalities belonging to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) have the main objective of disseminating the experiences of the most advanced and leading municipalities in climate action. These workshops also aim to promote the fieldwork carried out by the municipalities that have been recognized with medals for adaptation and mitigation.

So far, the first workshop has been held during the Summer Schools of the Chilean Municipalities Association (AChM) in 2023. This event marked the beginning of a series of workshops aimed at sharing knowledge and successful practices, thus fostering a network of collaboration and continuous learning among municipalities committed to the fight against climate change.

Promotion of GCoM in the Country

The promotion of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) in Chile aims to highlight the benefits and impacts of belonging to this initiative. This activity seeks to encourage the organization of national events and activities for political and technical influence for associated and non-associated authorities and municipalities. Its goal is also to promote the initiative and its benefits, attract new signatories, and maintain the commitment of municipalities already adhered to the GCoM.

One of the most outstanding outcomes was the Mayor’s Meeting of the GCoM, which had a significant impact by gathering over 100 representatives from municipalities across the country. This event not only promoted the GCoM initiative but also facilitated the exchange of experiences from municipalities belonging to the GCoM and disseminated activities carried out within the framework of the National Strategy. Additionally, certificates for the 2023 badges were awarded, acknowledging the commitment and achievements of the municipalities in their climate action efforts.

Development of Local Climate Action Plans in Chile

The development of Local Climate Action Plans in Chile has been a key activity to address the different climate realities and needs throughout the country. With the aim of providing technical support and follow-up in the creation of these plans, close work has been carried out with local communities to ensure their contribution and validation, focusing efforts on the various national macro-zones.

As a result of this effort, six new Climate Action Plans have been developed, exceeding the initial goal of five plans. The municipalities benefiting from this initiative are Ancud, El Quisco, Punta Arenas, San Antonio, Valdivia, and Vallenar. This achievement not only reflects the commitment of these localities to national climate action goals but also highlights the success and effectiveness of the technical support provided, emphasizing an additional effort that has allowed to expand the reach of this important initiative.

Support for Project Structuring and Financing Search for Local Climate Action

Given that project structuring and financing are major challenges for local climate action, this activity aimed to promote relevant information and training and to encourage local governments to participate in various governmental programs and other public-public and public-private collaboration initiatives to implement their Local Climate Action Plans (LCAP).

To facilitate this process, the Financing Guide associated with mitigation and adaptation actions to climate change in Chile was developed, aiming to contribute to the implementation of LCAPs by identifying financing opportunities for prioritized actions and providing relevant information. Additionally, a participatory consultation was carried out on prioritized actions from the LCAPs, climate planning instruments, and communal strategies alongside the 25 municipalities committed to the GCoM in Chile. This prioritization is complemented by a funding opportunities partnership exercise and an upcoming virtual workshop on the topic.

Currently, the municipalities selected by the National Advisory Committee, El Quisco and Punta Arenas, are receiving technical support for the development of climate action projects and their application for funding programs. This activity is in progress, and we will update the page with more information as it progresses.




*Documents available soon



In its role as National Coordinator, the Chilean Association of Municipalities (AChM) acts as the focal point for the signing municipalities in Chile. It leads the formulation and implementation of the National Strategy of the GCoM in coordination with the members of the National Advisory Committee. Additionally, it provides direct support to municipalities for GCoM activities in the country (recruitment, technical support, participation in events, etc.) and chairs the National Advisory Committee.

On the other hand, the National Advisory Committee brings together key actors in Chile’s climate action, including different levels of government, to facilitate dialogue on climate action policies and programs. It is the working group where the national strategy is defined and monitored, seeking synergies among the various initiatives that support municipalities in the climate field. Please refer to get more information about the members composing the National Advisory Committee and the activities they carry out.