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Towards COP 30, the Amazonian cities of Barcarena and Abaetetuba launch their GHG Inventories with the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM)


April 17, 2024, Belém (PA) Brazil – Last Wednesday (17/04), Barcarena, a strategic city in the Amazon region of Pará, and this Thursday (18/04), Abaetetuba, also in Pará, reached significant milestones in their climate trajectories by launching their first Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories. Both events were attended by Stephanie Horel, Program Officer of the European Union Delegation in Brazil, Hélinah Cardoso, Regional Director of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy in the Americas, representatives from the national coordinators of the Pact in Brazil, including Eduardo Tadeu, Executive Director of ABM (Brazilian Association of Municipalities), Michelle Ferreti, Co-founder and Director of Instituto Alziras, and Sandino Lamarca, technical coordinator of the inventory, from Instituto Nosso Clima, reinforcing the collective commitment to climate action and sustainable development in the Amazon region.

The event in Barcarena was attended by local authorities, including Mayor Renato Ogawa and Vice-Mayor Cristina Vilaça. In Abaetetuba, Mayor Francineti Carvalho was present at the launch. Both cities play crucial roles in preserving biodiversity and combating climate change. Carrying out the inventories is a fundamental step to understand and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, constituting the first step towards the development of Local Climate Action Plans, essential to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future for their respective populations and for the world.

With 70% of the Amazon region’s population living in urban areas, the inclusion of cities in the global climate agenda is imperative. Cities play a crucial role in promoting sustainability and mitigating climate change. The commitment shown by Barcarena and Abaetetuba in launching their GHG Inventories reflects the leadership and commitment of cities in seeking effective climate solutions and building a more sustainable future for the Amazon region and beyond.

About the Pact’s agenda in the Amazonian state of Pará (Brazil)

In the framework of these two launches, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) had an active presence at the Forum of Amazonian Cities, the III National Meeting of ICLEI in Brazil, and the Urbanshift, in Belém (PA), highlighting the cities’ commitment to climate action and sustainable development.

Forum of Amazonian Cities

On April 16, Belém hosted the Forum of Amazonian Cities (FCA), a significant event that brought together leaders and representatives from cities across the Amazon region. The Forum was organized with the aim of promoting sustainable development and discussing effective strategies to tackle the climate challenges affecting the Amazon.

During the event, crucial topics such as urban resilience in the Amazon, resource mobilization for climate action, and the definition of the Work Plan for 2024/25 were addressed. Hélinah Cardoso, Regional Director of the GCoM in the Americas, moderated the panel with representatives from cities and national governments of Bolivia and Peru, addressing the sectors affected by climate change, the main obstacles of the territory to respond to these disasters, and suggestions for multi-level coordination to advance in the implementation of climate actions.

The Technical Committee of the FCA was also officially established, with the active participation of key organizations committed to the climate cause, including the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM), the Brazilian Association of Municipalities (ABM), ICLEI Brazil, and the National Mayors’ Front (FNP). This strategic collaboration strengthens the joint commitment to sustainability and resilient development of Amazonian cities, bringing together expertise and resources to face climate challenges and promote innovative solutions in the region.

UrbanShift Latin America Forum

Also on April 16 and 17, the GCoM participated in the UrbanShift Latin America Forum through our Regional Director, Hélinah Cardoso. This forum provided a space for knowledge exchange on urban development challenges among high-level political and technical representatives from participating cities and countries, international organizations, and the private and financial sector.

III National Meeting of ICLEI

On April 17, the European Union through Stéphanie Horel as Program Officer of the European Union in Brazil participated in the opening of the III National Meeting of ICLEI, where she presented the importance of the Global Covenant of Mayors and Mayors in implementing concrete actions at the subnational level.

Hélinah Cardoso presented Belém’s climate achievements, including the city’s 1st Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, coordinated in the GCoM through Brazil’s National Strategy, funded by the European Union.