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Report platforms

Report platforms

Monitoring and progress reports are an important component of the GCoM initiative. The local government must report their progress to the Covenant in order to receive their “recognition badges” and update their profile on our regional and global websites. You can choose to report as you progress in the development of the inventory, or the establishment of GHG reduction targets, the analysis of climate risk and vulnerability, the establishment of climate actions for mitigation and adaptation in any order. For example, a city that has already defined its adaptation actions can begin its reporting process under this theme.

Monitoring and reporting on progress are key components of the GCoM initiative. Once a local government has joined the GCoM and completed the steps regarding to evaluation, goals/targets setting and planning, the city should regularly monitor and control the implementation of the action plans and move towards the achievement of the established targets. A robust monitoring system and timetable should be established from the beginning and be an integral part of the action plans undertaken in the city. This also implies a clear mechanism to review and update the plans as necessary.

Each local government and individual city monitor the implementation of the climate action plan according to the applicable local rules and regulations as identified in the plans.

For further information, see chapter 8 of the Explanatory Guide to the Common Reporting Framework.

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