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GCoM LAC Support Network

Support Network Members

What are the commitments of GCoM cities?

As a coalition, the purpose of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) is to support cities in the establishment of voluntary plans to combat climate change by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and preparing mitigation actions.

To achieve these objectives, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean (GCoM-LAC) presents a governance structure composed of actors from different sectors, including the founding institutions of the two original initiatives and regional development banks.

Likewise, GCoM-LAC has a “Support Network formed by institutions validated by the Secretariat, with technical capacity to participate in the initiative, providing support to municipalities through training and practical tools, essential for compliance with the commitment assumed.

What are the Support Network Members’ commitments?

First of all, the status of Support Network Member refers to a voluntary commitment to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM).

Support Network Members commit to:

  • Respect and follow the GCoM-LAC Governance Structure and its communication flow;
  • Participate in the activities of the GCoM-LAC and promote the initiative;
  • Provide technical support to GCoM-LAC signatories (Municipalities) when requested;
  • Support exchanges and sharing of knowledge, experiences, best practices, tools or relevant resources with the signatories of the GCoM-LAC and its Helpdesk;
  • Work in partnership with the Helpdesk and members of the GCoM-LAC Secretariat, National Coordinators, City Networks and other Support Network Members to foster joint action and promote a coordinated approach;

To maintain the status of Support Network Member, a report on the activities carried out under the initiative must be sent to the GCoM-LAC Secretariat at least every two years. In case of inaction or insufficient commitment, the GCoM-LAC Secretariat reserves the right to suspend the organization’s participation as a Support Network Member.

What are the benefits of a Support Network Member?

In addition to being part of the largest global coalition of local leaders in the fight against climate change, Support Network Member will benefit from:

  • Possibility to participate in all activities and training, including: webinars, workshops, official publications and events.
  • Access and participation in dedicated discussion groups, workshops and other platforms.
  • Possibility to expand your networking and develop new business through the GCoM LAC community, sharing experiences and knowledge with Latin American and European counterparts.
  • Better image and greater visibility on a national, regional and international scale, through the promotion of the actions carried out on the website and on the social networks of the GCoM LAC.
  • A unique opportunity to develop and promote your own corporate ethical strategy.
  • Integrate the activities offered by CDP (formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project), such as events, business roundtables and webinars. In 2019, the CDP together with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability launched the Unified Reporting Platform CDP & ICLEI, one of the official reporting platforms for the signatory cities of the GCoM. Cities that report their climate actions gain competitiveness, anticipate regulatory and policy changes, identify and monitor climate risks and can attract funding through the Matchmaker program of the CDP and the Transforming Actions Program (TAP) of ICLEI.
  • Finally, participate in the consolidation of territorial development and the strengthening of local governance.

How to join GCoM LAC as a Support Network Member?

The interested organization must complete the “Online Application Form for Support Network Members” below.

The application procedure is indicated in the image below:

Click on the image to enlarge

Click on the button below to open the Online Application Form for National Supporters.


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