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The State of Cities Climate Finance

The State of Cities Climate Finance



The 2021 State of Cities Climate Finance report examines the current state of urban climate investment, the barriers to reaching the needed investment levels, and the steps to overcoming these challenges.

The report delivers its findings in two parts:

The Landscape of Urban Climate Finance (Part 1). Authored by the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance Secretariat (Climate Policy Initiative) in partnership with the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center, Part 1 presents for the first time a comprehensive estimate of global urban climate finance. The Landscape was developed by tracking all sources of climate finance flows to urban areas and estimating urban climate investments in the buildings and transport sectors. Part 1 also presents some of the Alliance’s activities to address barriers to investment.

The Enabling Conditions for Urban Climate Finance (Part 2). Authored by the World Bank, Part 2 analyzes enabling frameworks and presents solutions for mobilizing climate finance for low-carbon, climate-resilient urban development pathways. It seeks to provide a common level of understanding of the terminologies, knowledge, and themes used by climate policy and climate finance practitioners, city-level urban planners, and municipal finance officials.

2021 State of Cities Climate Finance – Executive Summary

Part 1: The Landscape of Urban Climate Finance

Part 2: The Enabling Conditions for Mobilizing Urban Climate Finance

Executive Summary – French

Executive Summary – Portuguese

Executive Summary – Spanish


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